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Recently, a group of community organizations with shared views came together to form an advocacy group to work toward real and meaningful criminal justice reform, primarily at the state and local levels. The goal of the organization is threefold:

    • Engage key stakeholders in the criminal justice reform conversation.
    • Invite legislators to partake in panel discussions on what they see as the most pressing criminal justice concerns that our local or state governments are facing today.

    • Give the community an opportunity to provide legislators with valuable information, via breakout sessions during a series of community forums.

          The breakout sessions would feature input from offenders themselves and their families about what they like, dislike, and what they would add to Entry/ Diversion Program, Sentencing Reform, Re-Entry and Access to Healthcare.

          The plan is to offer this forum on three occasions in three different locations throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky. The data from these sessions will then be correlated and made available to state and local legislators in the hope of providing real-life input from both industry experts and those affected directly by proposed legislative changes in Kentucky’s criminal justice environment.

Kentucky Criminal Justice Forum hosts frequent committee and sub committee meetings. If you would like to attend one of these meetings please feel free to reach out.

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